Plymouth Orchards and Cider Mill will be Open Sept. 2nd through Nov. 5th!!!

No Admission Fee | No Parking Fee

The Red Shed Market will be open Sept. 2nd through Nov. 22nd.

Apple Cider and DonutsPlymouth Orchards and Cider Mill presses and bottles fresh, all natural cider in the main mill throughout the entire fall season.

We offer vistors the chance to see the entire cider making process from tree to table.


Apple cider begins with the selection of apple varieties.  This selection process is the key to making great apple cider; not too sweet, not too sour (or tart).  Once inside the cider mill, visitors can watch as the apples are cleaned, pressed, filtered, and pumped to our holding tanks for bottling.  Apple cider from Plymouth Orchards is all natural and must be kept refrigerated.

Everyone has their own taste for cider so we encourage you to stop by often. Apple varieties and the blend of the cider differ from press to press. When you discover your perfect blend of cider, don't forget to freeze some, so you can enjoy the delicious cider taste whenever you want! Just remove two inches of cider from the bottle and now you can enjoy your cider in July!

Plymouth Orchards offers gallons, half gallons, pints, and "tastes" of apple cider in our cider mill and market

Larger quantities of cider can be made available upon request.


Pasteurized vs. Unpasteurized: Whats the Difference?

100% Pure Apple CiderApples, just like any other fruit or vegetable, have naturally occuring bacteria and yeast within their skins and the flesh of their fruit.  These "hitchhikers" provide the bite or tartness that is synonymous with fresh apple cider.  The pasteurization process simply eliminates the yeast and other naturally occuring bacteria.  Pasteurization improves the shelf life of apple cider but may offer less in the way of flavor to apple cider aficionados.

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